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Poetry anthologies


Tymes Goe By Turnes: Solstice Shorts Festival 2020 (Arachne Press, 2020)

‘The Saddest Birdes a Season Find to Singe’ on video 


Writers in the Winter Museum (Senhouse Roman Museum, 2020)

Poems and stories written in workshops run by Angela Locke


Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2021 (Aesthetica, 2020)

Poem ‘To my hands’ previously commended by Alison Brackenbury in the Fire River Poets Competition 2016


Reflected Light: Responses to the Creative Arts (Grey Hen Press, 2020)

‘An Enigma Resolved’

Out of Context: An Anthology of ‘Found’ Poems (Grey Hen Press, 2019)

‘The Corporate Team-building Group on the
Glasgow to London service, Coach E’

This Place I Know: A New Anthology of Cumbrian Poetry (Handstand Press, 2018)

Dusk: Stories and Poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2017 (Arachne Press, 2018)

‘Calling them in’ on video

Calling them in, with musical accompaniment by Paul Dowswell 

Diversifly – Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds (Fairacre Press, 2018) 

Vaster Than Empires: Poems About Vegetables (Grey Hen Press, 2018)

Write to Be Counted: Poetry to Uphold Human Rights (The Book Mill, 2017)

Review of Write to Be Counted 

Review of launch event

Poetry for Performance: An Anthology for Speech and Drama Teachers (The Playing Space, 2017)

Her Heart Poetry: The Annual (Her Heart Publishing, 2017)


Southlight 26 (Autumn 2020)



Southlight 27 (Spring/Summer 2020)

‘Mermaid Aerobics’, ‘Umbrellas’, ‘Interviewing Grandpa’


SpeakEasy 3 (2019)

‘Calling Them In’ (Valanga version)


SpeakEasy 2 (2018)

‘Maureen, In Her Chair’


Mslexia 76 (Dec/Jan/Feb 2017/18)

‘White gladioli’ featured in ‘Poetry challenge: specular poetry’, selected by Linda France


SpeakEasy 1 (2017)

‘Coming to Nizas’, ‘Progress’


The Journal 55 (2017)

‘Trying to Edit the Holocaust’


Quirk 7 (2016)

‘On reading Anne Sexton’, ‘Sometimes love slips away’



Music and film


‘Jessica’s Sonnet’, released by The Company of Players

on their album Shakespeare Songs (2018), set to music

by Sam Kelly and Kim Lowings

On video 










‘The West Coast Line’

Released by Knock & Nash Productions in 2020, performed by Ciara Kaighin Adams as part of the #CreateCollabCumbria project.



Sheep/Wind/Water Haiku used in I Even Dream in Haiku: Water


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