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Review by Rob Lock on Sphinx website, run by HappenStance Press

‘This collaboration between two assured poets, Kelly Davis and Kerry Darbishire, reaches across to the reader with pain and passion, reflecting the ‘Seven Ages of Woman’ – the title of one of Kelly Davis’s poems. Sadness is here, regret for time passing, yet joy in memory, love, family life and sexual passion. The poets recreate for us the deepest experiences in a woman’s life. As with all good, true poetry, we believe in these experiences. We live them again through the prism of our own lives, and we are changed. I love the delicacy of the egg-cup of snowdrops in ‘Mother’s Day’ from Kerry, the poignancy of ‘My Mother’s House’, the passion which flows through Kelly’s ‘That Summer’. I love the excoriating honesty of Kelly’s work, set against the quiet intensity of Kerry’s. These women have been there, as we have, and their lives catch us unawares. Both are such distinct and individual voices, yet together their power is more than the sum of their parts. This collection is a hymn, a paean, to the passion and thrust of life, with all its joys and sadness.’ Angela Locke 

‘Glory Days is an exploration, in poetry, of the different phases of a woman’s life. Kelly Davis and Kerry Darbishire write about the experience of growing up female and the different roles and expectations girls have to face up to. At the centre of the collection is a series of moving poems about the relationships of mothers and daughters. These poems are both intimate and powerful.’  Kathleen Jones 


‘Two poets explore their lives from childhood right through to their own motherhood, and then the problem of looking after ageing parents. Together the poems make a highly poignant collection, marked above all by striking honesty.’  Gill McEvoy  


The book is 38pp, priced at £4 per copy (plus £1 postage and packing), published by Hen Run at Grey Hen Press.


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